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5 Things to Consider When Buying Custom Electric Lighters

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Lighters have a lot of uses in our daily lives, from lighting up cigarettes to starting fires in camps, the uses are unlimited. And that is why there is a high demand for this product in the market. From traditional Zippos to modern electric lighters, the demand is always there. Due to this, many entrepreneurs use this product for business opportunities to make a living. Therefore if you are also someone who is planning to start a business, then this article will be of great help. Because it will elaborate on the things you need to consider when buying custom electric lighters.

Because electric lighters are trending more than the traditional ones right now in the market. So there are a lot of opportunities for reselling and e-commerce businesses. But if you are buying custom electric lighters with your own brand and colors, there are things to consider. So in this article, you will be able to find out all the things you need to consider before making an investment.

5 Things to Look Out for When Buying Custom Electric Lighters

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Custom Electric Lighter from Sparkwei

1. Intended Use

First and foremost, the thing you need to consider is the intended use of the custom electric lighters you will buy. Because there are many demographics who use lighters for specific uses. So you cannot sell a cigarette lighter to people who are looking for one for kitchen use. And that is why the intended use is important when buying lighters. Therefore choose electric lighters that match a specific use when you are making custom electric lighters.

This is ideal for businessmen who are just starting up without a lot of money for investments. Because if you were to buy a variety of lighters, then you need a large capital. The best option here is to go for cigarette lighters that have a large demographic of smokers.

2. Customization Options

After determining the intended use, next comes the part where you need to consider the customization options you wanted to do when making your custom electric lighters. While there are many options that you can do with a lighter, selecting some primary options is key. Because you should not do this blindly as it can be costly to make an ugly or faulty product. Following is a list that will be useful when considering the options you need.

  • Design

    The design of the product should match the intended use that you decide before making the custom electric lighters. So if you are designing a cigarette lighter, then the design of the lighter should match well with its use. This is the main factor you need to consider when it comes to customization options as everything starts here.

  • Color

    The first thing you need to consider is the colors. It can be your brand color or a specific color that matches the design of the lighter you will make. This is an important factor that sets the vibe of the product from the start. And that is why it is common for any product that comes out from the market.

  • Print

    Having an attractive print or design for the lighter can make sales go high. Because people buy what they find attractive the most. So you need to find good designs and graphics that go well with your lighter. Get help from professional product designers if you can’t make one yourself to make the most out of your product.

  • Displays

    All trending electric lighters right now in the market have LED Displays to show mainly a meter of how much battery is left. This feature is not a must but still could be attractive to the customers as it shows when you need to recharge before the battery go out. Decide whether to have this feature or not on custom electric lighters you order beforehand.

  • USB Port

    The type of USB Port in the electric lighter is also another important factor you need to consider. Because this is the port you charge your lighter with so it should be compatible with many charging devices. So decide on a USB port that is compatible with the advice of the manufacturer as they know the best. The recommended port is the USB Type C that many electric lighters in the market use.

3. Quality

If the quality of the lighters is sub-par, then all your design goes to waste. Because people won’t rebuy a bad product no matter how affordable they are. And that is why you need to find an electric lighter manufacturer that uses the highest quality raw materials to make their products. Every part of the lighter should be of the highest quality at the end of the production chain. This will lead to a guaranteed return for your investments without a doubt.

But the most responsibility towards good quality remains on the manufacturer. Therefore make sure to find the best electric lighter manufacturer in the market. Since you are already here, you can escape from all the research you need to do, will explain why later in the article.

4. Safety

Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to products like these lighters. Because they are inflammable devices that people use to light up things. So it should come with an ergonomic design and safety precautions. Because there were many instances where faulty electric lighters become a threat to their users and caused major harm.

Again if you are buying custom electric lighters from a good lighters manufacturer that upheld international quality standards, then this won’t be an issue. Because they do a lot of safety tests to screen faulty products and make sure their products do not cause safety issues.

5. Battery Life

Battery life is also another concern something you need to consider when making custom electric lighters. With higher battery life comes higher customer satisfaction, and that is why this is an important factor. If the battery life reduces quickly, then it is not practical to use these electric lighters for a long period of time. And that is why you need to go to a manufacturer that provides special attention to the battery inside their lighters.

If you were to follow these 5 things before you place an order to buy custom electric lighters, then you might be able to provide a good product to your clients in your local markets. But as you were reading this article you might have understood why the role of manufacturer plays a huge role.

Sparkwei – The Best Place to Make All Types of Custom Electric Lighters

From Plasma to arc lighters, we have it all. We at Sparkwei take pride in our ability to manufacture the best electric lighters in the market today. With great quality assessment, we make sure to provide safe and high-quality lighters for all our clients in bulk amounts. Over the years, we have been able to form long-lasting partnerships with clients around the world due to the quality of service we provide.

Therefore, we gladly invite all who come reading this article for more information about custom electric lighters to contact us and place your orders now. And we guarantee a top-notch service that is unmatched in the industry.

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